You Are A VVIP

Today i want you to know the Gospel truth and nothing but the truth.

You are a VVIP not just a common individual, hey don’t listen to that insane person belittling you, hear me now you are a Very Very Important Personality.
How did I know this?
Imagine Jesus leaving his throne because of you, he left his pleasures, he put a side his Honour, power and dominion as the son of the Only living God to lay down his life for you, my dear that happened because you are not a common person you are loved by the most Holy One that alone describe the fact that you are special. He could have sent an angel or maybe a prophet or someone else but no he came by himself all because you are an important personality.
Never let any human born of a woman take your position, live in the confidence that you are special, you are wonderful and fearfully made. You are not a mistake, you are purpose filled. A show piece of God’s beauty and awesomeness.
You are a VVIP.


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March 30, 2018

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