Now this is something we need to know,whatever we Hear or See has great impact on us they accumulate with our thinking to produce our output. Our minds works on what we hear and see. Firstly
WHAT WE HEAR: what type of music do we listen to,what kind of conversion do we get our selfs involve in. We sometimes say well am a christian and I can’t do what they are saying but that is trending on dangerous grounds because ungodly conversion corrupts good manners and they take time before the go out of the human minds and once the devil See’s that our minds have been infected with evil he will immediately send temptations from all Angle’s to that Christian, so why give the devil a chance to strick when we can avoid it. If we find our selfs in an environment that will endanger our mind it is best to leave that place to be on the safe side. We listen to music’s that sends a lot of nonsense to our head and we call it fun,do you know that the devil is using music to win souls over to his side?hmmmmm God help us…….
WHAT WE SEE: Another thing is what we see you can mistakenly look at something to mee it is not a sin and the mind can easy get it out but when you gaze more on that thing or you turn to give a second look that is when the mind store it and that is when it is a sin.
Mind what you hear and see to be on the safe side.

I will update more on this later watch out for it…………….


May 8, 2016

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