Two or three people can be looking at a particular scene but yet their views are different, there is a tendency that 2 out of 5 groups won’t stay together for 5 years because of there inability to understand each other point of views. Most times people don’t do things with bad intentions but due to it not being clearly understood by the next person a misinterpretation is what we get from the second party, 

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It Is one thing to know someone’s point of view and it is another thing to understand it too. There ought not to be misunderstanding in so many things but lack of investigation and analysing of information is a challenge.


A child does not see things from the Parents point of view that is why most times some children  get so upset when their parents refuse them of certain things it is now a duty for the parents to make them see things from their own point of view If not that child will find another way to get what he/she wants. It Okey on children & parents.


First thing first if you don’t care to Know then you won’t know, before jumping into conclusion ask questions, before judging ask for information, not everything that appears black to you is black, like they say do not judge a book by it cover, the motive of everything is to be understood and considered at all times.  I really don’t want to talk much on this.

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February 26, 2017

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