Value it no matter the size, no matter the giver, no matter the expectations you placed on it before receiving it just value it, a lot of people receive gifts from others not with a joyful heart simple because they were expecting something great something huge, something nice and extremely cool but at the end the gift didn’t meet up with their expectation so they just look down on the gift.

Let me tell you what happened to me a relation of mine usually brings a particular gift for my family from the village and it takes time to prepare it,  he always increase the quantity when ever he comes too on a particular occasion I got vexed because it was so much this time I was wondering when will I start and finish it. Fortunately enough one of my Aunt Came visiting and seeing the gift she was so happy she started telling us the important and the value and worth of the gift I was vexed about after she finished talking I was sad because if I had known I would have cherished it with all my heart although it was not late the gift was still in my house and we made Good use of it.

After that experience I appreciate what people give me no matter what it is because that is what they can afford and they are given it with all their heart. So what ever you receive whether you like it or not appreciate and Value that Gift it will go a very long way if only you can appreciate it very well and Value it. Now Because you think there is much stress in it shouldn’t make you reject the gift. You can’t get 100% satisfaction without labouring. Gold is very Valuable but you have to process it first.




November 14, 2016

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