​Unity Unity Unity

What is UNITY it is a close bond that exist between two or more people. It is  a bond that keeps people no matter their background, colour, race and age together, because of the bond that exist between the individuals it makes them to achieve their goals,visions and anything that they set their mind to do together, the people involve they speak one language which makes them to understand each other what I meant by one language is that they all have the same goal and are working in the same direction, they stand for each other, they watch each other back, this bond is very hard to break. What ever is done in unity the chances of achievement is 80% . The Tower of Babel would have been completed if God had not sent confusion in their plans. That is to say Even God knows the power of Unity. Even The Trinity have this bond. What ever group you find yourself try to work in unity and I assure you that the sky will be your starting point.
Have A Blessed Day.

#IN_HIS_PRESENCE (#Called_To_Worship).

August 18, 2016

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