Trust Trust Trust.

Many a times we find it very difficult to trust people. When people ask why we say nobody can be trusted hmmmmmm that maybe true to an extend but the question is where those the trust start from? I think it start from us,because some of us dont even trust ourselves, so if we don’t  trust ourselves how can we trust others. OK we say no body can be trusted what about God? Do you trust Him when you are faced with battles here and there. Even if we may find it difficult to trust man at list trust Your maker, rely on His ability, on His power on His capability and on His Might. It is more relieable to trust God because He can never and will never fail. Our Trust in God should be extremely strong to the point of Death and mind you God will always come to our aid ,so don’t be scared just trust in Our Abba Father and like a father He will be there.

Have A Blessed Day.


#Chris_Supamee_Elijah .

July 8, 2016

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