OK so this method isn’t working out why don’t you try another method and stop wasting your precious time on this. Remember time waits for no one. You may be stock both time is not paused it is still ticking.

How to maximize you day

1.Every morning set you goal.

2.Before you leave the house ask God for grace

  1. Mid_day shouldn’t meet you doing nothing

4.During the mid_Day hours (12-1pm)take a Few minute rest(Quick Nap) just rest your head on some where for


  1. Make sure you achieve something everyday.

6.Learn something new everyday

7.Interact with people new ideas can be gotten through that means.

8.Nothing is too small nothing is to big take the risk.

9.Don’t procrastinate do everything immediately the come to your mind.

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October 12, 2016

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