Hey Hey Hey stop that who told you that you are a failure. Get up and Get back on track, think and use your initiatives don’t just chicken out your are a success waiting to be celebrated. You just can’t give up like that go through History and check if great men and women gave up the way you are about doing because of small difficulties keep moving your best is yet to come. 

Before You quit Answer these 5 Questions.

1. Have you tried another method?

2.Do you think you gave it your 100%?

3.Have you found out where you mistake is?

4.Have you carried out a proper checking on your work?

5.Have you prayed to God for direction

If you can answer all those questions correctly then I doubt if you would want to quit any more.

Keep moving

“Success does not come on a bed of Roses it is worked out for and perseverance is highly needed”

Chris Supamee Elijah

© ÇΗℜΙŠ 2016

October 11, 2016

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