Nobody and I mean nobody can withstand the Almighty power of the most high God. The fact that He allows something’s to happen in our life doesn’t mean that His power is not still there, it doesn’t mean we should doubt His power, it doesn’t mean His power is not potent anymore. Imagine only His spoken word brought Everything on Earth to be. His power made Elijah to out run a chariot, if only you understand the speed of a chariot.Jesus when He was on earth Worked with the power of God. And do you know that power is in us too. The problem is that the devil has made so many Christians to be ignorant of the power they carry. If only we can put the power of God to action in our daily life I bet you Nothing can stand against us. The bible Says we are gods,we were created in the likeness and Image of God, Jesus said greater works shall we do on earth. That is to tell us that the power is inside of us. Make use of that power today don’t leave it stagnant. The world right now need to see and experience the manifestation of the genuine power of God in action.





June 2, 2016

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