You will agree with me that every country has her set rules and regulations written in the constitution, and every citizen must abide or live by the rules. Now the very day we gave our life’s to Christ, we became a citizen of Christendom, and we can not live by the rules of Christendom without knowing the rules. The problem some believers are having is that they think the know the scripture, when they have not taking out their time to study and meditate on it. Get this straight please their is a different between reading and understanding the bible and Reading through without any understanding these days people read without gaining understanding.. If we don’t read and understand the bible we cannot relate with situations that will arise, we won’t know how to go about certain things. May I let you know that the bible is our life Manuel. We cannot function very well without knowing our Manuel,I urge you today start reading that Manuel (BIBLE) don’t allow “your busy schedule take your time of studying the word, create time for the Bible.. What ever we need in life is written in our bible so Start reading so as to get the keys to your blessings

Have a blessed Day


June 21, 2016


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