Lessons from the Eagles……………….

Sorry for the break in the Animal lessons today we will be looking at a bird not just an ordinary bird it is a unique bird with unique attributes. Without wasting much time let us look at the attributes of the Eagles.

Like I said it is a bird yet powerful
Faces every challenge that comes it way,funny enough they love challenges, it see’s beyond the sight of other birds, it has parenting characteristics, goes for things bigger than itself and is not intimidated by the size of anything he is going for, it doesn’t mingle with other birds, it soar with it kinds. I can go on and on.
Lessons to grab.


Here again the spirit of boldness is at play how nice, if animals can display boldness in their dealings then why should a human being be operating in fear. We walk by faith and not by sight so the Bible says in(2 Corinthians 5:7). If you are not bold enough to take the step then you are not qualified or ready to have the success. The Eagles love the storms, other birds avoid or run away from storms but the Eagles Soar right in it “wonderful”.  You must deal with fear if you want to meet to greater heights in life.


The Bible says be ye not unequally Yoked with the unbelievers smiles please don’t get me wrong here am not saying others are unbelievers but the people you interact with on a regular basis also contributes to your output, they can also slow you down, make you lose focus on your goal, an individual that wants to become a doctor in life should not be found always in the means of Engineering aspirants. When you move with people who have similar goals with yours, people who are of the same field with you, you learn from them and you become stronger and encourage yourself. People go they wrong way due to wrong mingling.


They see far, you May not have their type of sight but how do you see things do you look at the possible benefits and dangers or you just jump into things without looking at the properly. Having insight is not just enough you need foresight to see and plan the future very well.


An eagle trains it young once very well, it teaches them to fly mind you it uses a dangerous way to train them, it protects them from predators, it provides food for them when they are young.
Essence: no matter what be dear for your children, I will kindly tell you if you are a parent reading this before providing the secondary wants of your children make sure they have the primary needs you don’t have to buy them that toy while they lack clothing, now what are these primary Needs of life
Very essential and must have in life, I pray I create the chance to talk on this again…. For now take note of

Dare to strive for big Visions, don’t limit yourself to your size, like they say make do with what you have Trust me what you have will go a long way.

Stay Blessed.