OK so this method isn’t working out why don’t you try another method and stop wasting your precious time on this. Remember time waits for no one. You may be stock both time is not paused it is still ticking.

How to maximize you day

1.Every morning set you goal.

2.Before you leave the house ask God for grace

  1. Mid_day shouldn’t meet you doing nothing

4.During the mid_Day hours (12-1pm)take a Few minute rest(Quick Nap) just rest your head on some where for


  1. Make sure you achieve something everyday.

6.Learn something new everyday

7.Interact with people new ideas can be gotten through that means.

8.Nothing is too small nothing is to big take the risk.

9.Don’t procrastinate do everything immediately the come to your mind.

Check back for update……

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Hey Hey Hey stop that who told you that you are a failure. Get up and Get back on track, think and use your initiatives don’t just chicken out your are a success waiting to be celebrated. You just can’t give up like that go through History and check if great men and women gave up the way you are about doing because of small difficulties keep moving your best is yet to come. 

Before You quit Answer these 5 Questions.

1. Have you tried another method?

2.Do you think you gave it your 100%?

3.Have you found out where you mistake is?

4.Have you carried out a proper checking on your work?

5.Have you prayed to God for direction 

If you can answer all those questions correctly then I doubt if you would want to quit any more.

Keep moving

“Success does not come on a bed of Roses it is worked out for and perseverance is highly needed”

Chris Supamee Elijah

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​Sometimes we just wish we could go back into the past and change some things. The bad news is that we can’t but guess what we can change now which is the present. Leave the past in the past and forge ahead create a brighter future because the past is gone and gone forever. Make now count so you won’t regret it in the future and wish to change it too.

“Yesterday must end with yesterday, the past must end with the past look ahead there is a colourful future.”

Ranti Fawehinmi

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​The Lord called you a god.

Psalms 82:6. Genesis 9:6b KJV.

He Called you a peculiar person, Royal Priesthood, a chosen generation. 

1 Peter 2:9.

He said none shall cast her young.

None shall be barren in the Land.

Exodus 23:26

By My stripes you are healed.

Isaiah 53:5

He said With long life will I satisfy you.

Psalms 91:16.

Excuse Me why then will somebody that was pronounced blessed be complaining of things that are not in his/her report card? the energy you use to complain why don’t you use it to create what you want.

You go to the hospital they said you have this and that and you shout only Me, doctor do something hmmmmmmmm is it what God said about you. Reject it I can’t be sick have been healed by Christ.

You hear people saying Economy hard oh and you concur and say na true oh, I laugh when people say “it is well inside the well” na only you dey inside well oh. please tell me why the economy will not be hard for you. Common tell them economy is blossoming.

When men says there is a casting down I shall say there is a lifting up. My God will supply all my needs.

One idiot staying in your village will say you will die and fear grips you wait oh is the person greater than God. What happened to Psalms 118:17.

It is well oh.

We should not be put into a panic because of fear. We were created and giving dominion over all things on earth use your Scriptures.

Don’t believe in the report of the world rather believe in the report of God.
Prayer Point

Father help me to see me the way You see me,

Father help me to always confess positive things.

In Jesus Name



Psalms 115:15

Have A Blessed Day.

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A question that we all need to answer by ourselves. I love Christ is not by mouth. It is by our action it is how we defend Him before the world. How much do you love Him, if you love Him then you must keep His commandments. It is not easy but  it is a must do for does that love Christ. Stand for Christ When we love something we cherish it. When we love Christ, His word will be rooted in us. Do you Love Christ ?
Prayer Point 

Father Lord give me the grace to Love you,So I can keep You Commandments and know your word deeper.

John 14:23 KJV
                     © ÇΗℜΙŠ 2016


​First Ember Month Gone 3 more to Go. The remaining Three you shall achieve what you could not achieve in the past 9 months Today I pray for you

May your cup overflow with peace,love & pure awesomeness.

Today may the Lord bless the work of your hand,Double your income and Reduce your problems.

May the Lord Give you independence from Worries, pains,lack,sorrow, bad news and any other thing that brings discomfort to you.

This Month live a Happy life By:

– Loving Yourself.

– Doing Good.

– Always Forgive.

– Harm no One.

– Be Positive.


Happy new month.
See You At The End Of The Month

Have a Fabulous Month And A Blessed Day.

                         © ÇΗℜΙŠ 2016



Positive speaking (Speak What you want to see From Tomorrow).

The Lord has empowered our Tongues with the power to create and destroy things. Whatever we want can be called forth through faith, so today we are going to call forth what we want to see as we become 56years old tomorrow.
-I call forth Peace.

-I call forth Unity.

-I call forth growth.

-I call forth Development.

-I call forth a land free of Corruption.

-I call forth divine guidance for our Leaders.

-I call forth discipline amongst Nigeria Leaders and Citizens.

-I call forth Integrity.

-We shall prosper.

-We shall Shine Again.

-It shall be well with Nigeria.

-I declare Nigeria a Christian Nation.

-Keep speaking Into Nigeria

-May God hear everything we speak and make it come to pass In Jesus Name.


                       © ÇΗℜΙŠ 2016