My aim is to inspire you to the point of achieving success and staying there. As you venture in life always remember that you are loved yes you are loved if nobody is showing it remember God loves you and I too I love you that means you have two lovers. Until you love yourself nobody will love you and that is a fact. Put a smiles on your face go out and conquer your day you have all it takes to achieve success go for it.

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Chris Supreme Elijah


Only a captain can not sail a ship, have companions of like mind( people that have same goals or visions with you).

Seek first the kingdom of God and forget about the fame,money,name,opinions of people etc in due time God will surprise you with them.

You can question your friends, you can question your parents you can question your Pastors, you can even question your Governor, President etc but never you make the mistake of questioning God.

Chris Supamee Elijah

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