You were so busy doing something or walking by the road side and something just hit your mind you felt something but you are not sure what is it, you just can’t explain it, you continued what you were doing and it came back again this time more intense than the first time you ask yourself what is happening. My dear you are being called, Your attention is needed. Can I advice you when ever that happens again leave what ever you are doing and answer you Heavenly Father.

“Father Here I Am”

we face a very serious challenge in this our dispensation which it, we don’t recognize when God is talking to us we often times wave His voice unknowingly there are so many problems that we were meant to avoid but because we didn’t lesson to the voice of God we go right into them. You maybe saying God has not spoken to me before but I am sorry to let you know that it is not True He speaks to you everyday but you don’t hear because you are not connected to Him Have an Intimacy with your God today.

I pray for us that we will not mistake the voice of God for any other voice.
We shall obey the voice of God when He speaks and not Wave it of.
Jesus Name


November 7, 2016

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