Yes Spice it up, You see in this our present time everybody is looking for the possible means to stand out in what they do, we have hundreds of people using a particular gift, doing a particular business so it leads to a lot of competition every where nevertheless you can still make it trust me you can. Most time we want to do the exert thing another person is doing that is why we fail. Your can copy their steps and everything but your can not copy their success, if it is not your area or your strength you will really find it very difficult to achieve easy success like the person you are copying. Before you go further in your planning check out These tips.



 Yes locate it you may think that what you are into now is your area of calling or what you know best to do but can i plead with you to critically check again a lot of us are operating in our area of Interest not our area of Calling. Our Strength is what we do with little strength and efforts Our strength opens doors of possibilities for us. 

2. BE UNIQUE    

Everybody is doing it this way doesn’t make it they only possible method it may work, it may not work for you. Quick Question here. (Have you ever though of doing it in a different way entiitly, in a way nobody has done it before?) Find your Uniqueness. You could learn from others but don’t imitate them completely spice it up a little add something to it. Add a little jara(Extra) to yours.


Ya take it, it could lead you to something great, risk takers they tend to achieve things a lot. Come to think of it most things we do as human beings are risk. 


Both thinking strategies are important. Most time people say think outside the box yes it is good  but think inside too, you never can tell which may come out well. The thinking outside is to gain or acquire new knowledge and then the thinking inside is to upgrade on the already discovered once. If you merger the two I bet you, the success you will get will be beyond your widest dream.


5. PRAY 

Prayer is the key Jesus started with prayers and ended with prayers. Yes very important this should be number one. Pray to God He is our Father and if we pray to Him for guidance just like our earthly father’s will guide us He too will guide us and even do much more. You start it with God and continue with Him all the way not when you have started hitting some millions you start to behave like a big Boy/Girl or Big Man/Woman for God remember your source is God and never leave Him at any point of your endeavour. And you will be so surprise how He will constantly renew your heart with fresh ideas for your progress.



This helps a lot appreciate who you are what you are and what you are doing. If you are very convinced it is a good thing. Have you ever watched a Lizard falling from an height immediately it hits the ground he shakes it head now that is it. Nobody is clamping for the lizard yet it is shaking it head praising itself that it has done something.

These are just a few there are more but I believe if you work on these aspects you could be the next most siked after on your field.

God Help Us.



October 24, 2016

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