One thing we must all know how to do is this,setting how priorities right. People should know you for something and not everything, even if your hands are gifted just like mine *Smiles* just try to make everything straight. Your timing, how you keep to time,you should not be the type of person that will accept this so called Africa man time, I am even wondering how this so called Africa man time came to be. And a lot of us just accept it, it ought not to be, to Mee it is a slap to Africans. We should start to tell the world that we Africans can also keep to time. We should be mindful of how we speak, interact with people especially strangers, our first time with people should be something to write home about. Mindful of our environment, take not of things, mindful of our responds to things, mindful of our eating habit,mindful of our timing to different occasions. A time is coming when I will talk on ” Our Church and Timing #Christians hmmmmmm till that day “.
Don’t and I repeat don’t paint a bad picture of yourself to anybody and most importantly always stand for what is right. Don’t paint another person black just because you want to always be Mr or Mrs Right. It is very annoying talking out of experience now. Once your priorities are right and you are a person of integrity, people can stand for you and your offsprings to any length.


June 17, 2016


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