picsart_11-27-10.47.05.pngLife is something worth living well. Setting a target each time gives us an upper hand in life. Little children when they walk by the road side a times they pick up stones and aim at something they continue aiming until the get it, now why do they continue to aim at that particular thing until they get it? It is because the have a target. Is only when they don’t have a target that the throw the stones to any direction the like.

When we have a target in life it gives us an upper hand, it makes us to have maximum concentration on that exert thing. It is only an individual that don’t have a target that will be found throwing stones which I call “effort” here and there aiming at nothing. Before you go out today fix a target, plan what you want to achieve today and then step out having it at the back of your mind that you must achieve it no matter what.


If you want to achieve a lot in life you must have a

Daily Target

Weekly Target

Monthly Target

Yearly Target  and

A Long Team Target.

And see to it that you achieve each one of them at the time you set to achieve them. There is a time to set and a time to achieve if you don’t set you will also not achieve anything.

Have A Blessed Day.


Father Lord give me the grace to always have a target as I go about my daily life may I not just be running here and there doing nothing In Jesus Name Amen.


Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV



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September 20, 2016

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