AWAKE people sleeping time is over, AWAKE from the lazy state of mind you have put yourself.

ROUSE from the rest you have been on and start thinking again.
ROUSE from the thought of Quitting and start Reigning.

STAND up from your bed of procrastination and make progress,
STAND up from the chair of ignorant and seek knowledge.

PUT ON your thinking cap Always,
PUT ON a mind of possibilities every moment.

SET the stage for opportunities so when they come you won’t be taken unaware,
SET your mind right if you  want to reach your goals.

TRY harder if you want to succeed,
TRY a new strategy if you want a change.

Love with an open heart,
Love because God is Love.

Move with Caution,
Move with zeal and passion.

Never Quit no matter what happens,
Never hate any one, it is not necessary.

Smile always,
Smile with an open heart.

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March 14, 2017

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