RespectRespect is showing regards for Someone who deserves it. It is the honour given to people who has come of Age.

Respect is given both to the elderly and even the young once. 

Respect is what makes children greet their parents in the morning, afternoon, evening and in other Occasions. It is what makes you as a person to have reverence for people in higher Authority and du  people who has waxed greatly in age. Now let me use myself as an example I show respect not only to my elders also to my Subordinates as well. You see some people when you have a little chart with them though they are young but their intelligence will make you give them a level of respect.
Sometimes respect is earned.
Sometimes respect is given without stress.
Sometimes respect is broken.
Sometimes respect is fought for.
I will not respect you if you don’t respect your own self say what ever you like. A lot of people don’t understand this, someone have you in a very high esteem and all of a sudden you just bring down the persons expectations because you don’t value yourself respect. Respect will make you not to say certain things, respect will make you comport yourself in the public. Mind you self Esteem is not a Bad thing so is Ego too when you allow them to dictate for you when you allow them to inhabit you that is when it is bad. The moment your shoulders is equal to your head watch it that is very dangerous that is the point when Self Esteem and Ego is Bad. So Respect those that deserves to be respected.

November 25, 2016

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