First of all, I will like to break the words down for a clearer picture of what is asked;

Discover: this is the act of finding unexpectedly/during a search (a hidden secret), an information etc especially for the first time to make it known/visible.                    

Actualize: this is the ability to make real a discovered secret, an action or fact. It also means succeeding, achieving or fulfilling.  Now to our question: you must first ‘know’ what you’ve got on the inside (purpose discovered) before it can be unleashed to the world, I.e Action(Actualize).          

For instance; you see your mates becoming students of schools and studying hard to succeed, You don’t know why they took that path; and you choose to do same And then you’re asked’why did you choose that school. And what do you want to study there and become in future? And then you have no answer to this question; you say ‘i just want to become a student and graduate that’s all! ‘ Nonesense, does that work? N0 WAY!!!                                              

Life purpose is an overarching mission in life. Your life’s work, something important enough, noble enough, beautiful enough for you to die for, something you choose to completely commit yourself to.  Actualization is a Driving force! (The tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the Basic drive).            

You cannot just go to the market for nothing, bank for nothing etc. You must know (I.e discover) what you are going for before you execute the plans you’ve got at heart for everyone to see(actualize, action).              

Prescription: discover/find your purpose, pursue it to death. Purpose discovered can be actualized.

From A Friend

July 18, 2016


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