Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet?

Proverbs 6:28 GNT

Something to muse on 

Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet  it is an amazing question  to think on, do you think that you can place a hot iron on your palm and you wouldn’t get burnt. 

Sometimes we play with  sin and think we can escape when it consequences comes, sometimes we feel nothing will happen because we are born Again,  Holy Ghost filled, very hot Christian

Shall we continue in sin that grace May abide no God forbid.

If you are for Christ be for Him don’t be one leg in and one leg out today you are here tomorrow there, no matter how protected you think you are with the scriptures if you toil too much with sin you would fall in victim did I say to much even a little toiling can land you in a huge mess.  I remember once I usually say nobody can influence me to doing something bad, and I could argue with anybody on it until a Faithful day I argued with a lady and she sighted something that made me realize that yes I know the truth but the more closer you get to sin the more far away you get from God and one day you would be surprised that you are completely living in the doctrine of the world.

I want to plead with you reading this avoid sin and Temptations will be less for you mind you I did not say Temptations will avoid you I said it will be less on you.  Sometimes I find myself in a very tight position and I get angry with myself because I was not vigilant enough to see the pathway on time not because I am insensitive but because I was too over confident  that I know what I am doing and I can control it my dear don’t try to control sin flee from it.

Sometimes you just have to cut off that relationship and friendships to stay safe, sometimes you just have to create a distance between people because you don’t want to go off from the right path.

May God Help Us to remain in His Vineyard.




March 29, 2017

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