As we approach October 1st Nigeria will be Turning 56. Looking at our age as a Nation we ought to have reached some heights, achieved more than what we have achieved but it is like we are going no where anymore, is like we have become stagnant. If we want to see changes we must create the required changes we want. Nigeria is a Nation filled with Christians and so I call on every Nigerian home and Abroad to join other Nigerians in a “SEVEN DAYS FASTING AND PRAYER” for this our great country, we must go down on our knees to pray what we want to see manifest from October 1st 2016.

Is very simple where ever you are is a perfect place. Be a pillar there. From Our various location we will be praying Earnestly for our Jerusalem (Nigeria).  Now for does that want to see changes as we turn 56years join in this. As your strength can carry you wait on God. But pray with all your heart for Nigeria. 
Prayer points will be made available each day and you can also pick up prayer points and pray for the country

“24th September – 30th September is the date”

Prayer still changes things and it will change our County for us In Jesus Name Amen.
May God See this Nation through this trying Time In Jesus Name Amen.
May God Give us the Grace Amen


September 21, 2016

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