​DAY 6


This is the second to the Last Day of Pray for Change(Pray for Nigeria) and we have one more day before we turn 56years old.

Today is for random prayers so just pray what ever prayer that comes to your mind for Nigeria.

-Pray that God will Intervene in Nigeria State of things.
-Pray For the Growth of Nigeria. Any spirit that says we will not Grow as Nation. We curse you and Declare that Nigeria shall Grow faster.
-Pray that God will secure our Resource. We shall know how to use our different resources to develop this Country.
-Anybody sitting on the Growth of Nigeria Economy receive the fire of God.
-Pray that Nigeria will be restored back to it state of Glory. We are the giants of Africa but I pray we shall rise to become the Giants of The world.
-Pray that all the prayers we have been praying since Day 1 God will answer them.
-Pray that Jehovah God will prevail over any other god or gods in Nigeria.
-May the wisdom of God Rest upon our Leaders.
-We put an end to every spiritual force Waring against Nigeria.
-We curse the spirit of corruption, fraud, (Listen they are spirits that work through men).
-Take your personal Prayers.
-May God fight against any spirit that is not of Him in Nigeria In Jesus Name.


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September 29, 2016


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