In Regards To my post ➡PLANNED⬅ I will just continue in line with it, since God Has planned everything then we don’t need to worry but when we try to put our own plan into God’s plan then there is a problem. You see a lot of things happens for a particular purpose, things don’t just happen without it having a goal,  there is a time for everything under the sun according to (Ecclesiastes 3).

Most times we miss timing because we feel we are not ready or one thing or the other, when God gives us His timing it is the perfect one what ever He commands do it. Don’t leave it for later, don’t plead for more time to do it, a perfect example I will use is king Hezekial God told Prophet Isaiah to tell him that his time has come he should put things in order but HEZEKAIL felt like he has not done anything, he thought he could still do more, he wasn’t READY.

Now he spent a good number of years pleasing God and when his time came, he was clean and ready to meet with God but he asked for extra years and the manner in which he sent the request to God was On a very Good platform and God had to show to his son mercy and granted him his request but those extra years was hazardous, it was stupid, all his years of labour, moiling and being Faithful was tarnished because he went out of the timing of God.

God has planned everything to Favour you so try to work with the things He gives you don’t run faster than yourself you may run too fast and end up too fast also, allow God to showcase you in every stage of life. Let His Timing prevail over Yours.


I Pray  God Should  Give Us The Grace To Walk With His Timing In Jesus Name Amen.

Remain Blessed.






February 27, 2017

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