Your physical disabilities doesn’t matter to God listen Baba Obadare of Blessed Memories he was blind yet God used him mightily in his time,Imagine a blind Man correcting people when they make mistakes while reading the Bible. Hear me that disability is for a purpose still musing on 2 Corinthians 12:9A,  don’t let that Disability weigh you down God says His grace is sufficient for Us and am telling you now too God Grace is Able to carry you through. What you need to do is to Draw close to God and He will turn that disability into an Amazement Ability.

PAUL  was going through pains yet God wroth a lot of Miracles Through him because he kept on serving God.

MOSES was not a Good Speaker yet He was the Meekest  man. God used him to bring out the children of Israel out of Slavery.

JOB was weighed down by the devil with sickness yet he choose to stand,

COBHAMS  ASUQUO  is blind yet he is touching lives through his songs mind you He is a wonderful keyboardist still Alive and strong on this day.

BABA OBADARE  was a powerful man of God A Nigerian he was blind but wasn’t born blind yet when He became blind he didn’t allow it deter him from serving God and God did not with hold His Power from him too.  Click Here To Read More about him ➡ Baba Obadare 

If you let go and let God to use you disability you will be surprised at the level He will use you today just forget that disableness and go to God and ask Him father what is the reason for this I Trust he will review it to you. Always remember everything is working for your Good it is for a reason.

You Maybe physical disable it doesn’t affects your Spirit Man.


Chris Supamee Elijah ✍✍✍✍✍

May 27, 2017

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