The more we humans strive at a particular situation or problem the closer we get to solving it. There is no harm in trying so they say. But come to think of it if people of old did not try they wouldn’t have invented most of the things we are using today. No matter how challenging things may look give it a try you never can tell if your first try may give you your desired solution notwithstanding if it doesn’t work out the first time try again. It can only get better don’t give up. Assuming everybody is giving up on their various issues who will solve it then? You may fail at first but you will agree with me that you also learnt something new which is the method you used at first does not have what it takes to get your desired goal so you will step up and do it in a different way in the second try. Have come to realize that most people that have succeeded in life took a daring step or steps which brought them into the success they are in today. Like they say “If you can think it, you can do it” but challenges will be there too. It takes a Focus and determined mind to attain victory over challenges.

Have A Blessed Day


September 5, 2016


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