Don’t just be or aspire to be a Leader, be a Leader that will leave a legacy behind for people to follow, a Leader that will make impact. Show me a leader and I will show you a person worthy of imitating, you can’t be a leader and nobody can imitate what you do. Christ, Paul, peter etc leaders in the Bible that can be imitated. Can what you do be imitated by people under you? A Legacy Leader makes a suggestion and listen for feedback from his/her followers before finalizing or making a conclusion on any matter or decision. A leader cannot just make an authoritative decision common even Our Creator God asked for the opinions of some great prophets in the Bible before taking some decision. A Legacy Leader is a person of integrity, this is one of the virtue that must never lack in a good leader’s life. A Legacy Leaders seeks of the well-being of his/her followers. Mind you there is no leader without followers. No man is an island. Humility is highly needed and recommended if one must lead very well. A Legacy Leader must learn to be a servant, A Loyal person. You may be asking why am I reading this am not even a leader. In case you have forgotten Revelations 5:10 calls you a King and priest everybody on earth is a leader, we have the potential of leadership in us, the gene of leadership is in us. Don’t forget it’s in you.
Have A Blessed Day.

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September 8, 2016

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