They say what comes out of us is what makes us Good or bad to an extend that is true you know we are humans and in this world we can hardly control what we hear, see, and think especially in countries where open air parties are allowed you hear all kinds of music notwithstanding it is left for us to daily process and assess what we see and hear and think because most time they are unavoidable.
In my past post on this topic I explained that what we see and hear matters a great deal because it some times produces our output kindly check out
This post is just building on the laid down foundation, what we think also generate our output too, I know some people will say it is what goes into us through our eyes and hears that generates our thinking but can I shock you by saying your flesh also has a part in it, it does it own contribution to an extend please remain calm and read on. We as humans the Bible warns us of three things in (1 John 2:16) KJV preferably


We really need to check the Three things mentioned above with attention the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, our flesh a times crave for things that is not Lawful when the Appetite for it arise. You stand against it by the word of God and Through Fasting if need be. It is not your eyes that desire to go to bed with that beautiful lady or handsome gentle man it is your flesh at work which carries thoughts to our Mind, I was once told never to look at evil twice because the first time is just a mistake but the second time lust has set in.

We need to put our:

Under check if not we will not know when we will go right into sin please if you think your mind is too weak to filter out evil thoughts then do me a favour stay clear of evil communications any discussion that will paint a picture in your mind excuse yourself from such to be at a safe side.

I don’t mingle with certain people not because am proud or anything is just to keep myself protected, the Bible says Joseph flee, the Bible also says that evil communication corrupts Good manners. Stay safe guide your mind.

Have A Blessed Day



February 15, 2017

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