Nothing will happen until you move,  the thought of what you will face will definitely come because you are a human being. Now before you stay at a static position thinking and not making any progress ask yourself these questions

Let me help you speed up your thinking a little if you stay back you will remain in the same point, just like we have in physics Static and Dynamic Motion. When you don’t move you become a static potential just at a point until a motion moves changes will not take place, when progress is been made, when thoughts are put into actions that is when it becomes A dynamic motion. Now I want to explain something to you Dynamic means something that is Active, something in constant motion, you can’t remain at a point thinking and wasting precious time don’t get me wrong thinking is good but when we think without putting any significant work out then we are making our Ideas static. So as you think also try your possible best to make a choice and put your thoughts into practice trust me it will come out well most time we always keep the mindset of having a setback or not succeeding that is why we remain at a spot always calculating, your crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s never comes to an end, you are always trying to conclude but you are never concluding in case you have forgotten time waits for nobody believe me when I say you are not the only one with such an ideal, there are people who have similar ideas so make the choice before they do trust me it will come out well. Remove the mindset of Failure and keep the mindset of possibilities you have all it takes to do it. The God That gave you the idea has also endowed you with how to make it happen. He has placed all resources in place all God wants is for you to Make that Choice.
The Big question is
Are You Ready To Make That Choice
Hope your answer is a YES!!!!!!!
Think on this.



January 12, 2017

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