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The kings of the Jungle fearless creatures no matter the challenge the give it a try, brave in every circumstances, no matter the size of a lions prey it goes for it, isn’t it amazing how a lion attacks a giraffe despite it height, he is not scared of any animal, the lions are not intimidated by the height or size of any ANIMAL, lions attacks humans too as fearless as they can be the take chances, the risk their lives to go after preys bigger than themselves how nice, they can be the Kings of the Jungle /jungles but we are the Kings of the WORLD God has placed us in charge of them and everything on earth. 

Lessons from this Animal



This is a major characteristic of the lions nevertheless The Bible  says I have given you the power to tremble down snakes and scorpions and nothing can harm you, have this at the back of your Mind and also God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind, we were placed in charge of everything on earth everything includes that so-called hard situation, be brave, God told Joshua to be strong and courageous that He is with him so I am telling you today be strong and Courageous God is Also with you. Face everything that comes your way with a fearless heart, where people are running from go there nevertheless go with caution sometimes the lion retreats to fight another but it is very rare. A Brave soldier stands till the end of a battle, don’t be a weakling, if you are a genuine Christian then the Bible says one of you will chase a thousand, only one that is for a person that is brave and bold. One thing we should know is that it is not you that will do it, it is God, but all you have to do is display the spirit of boldness and God will take care of the rest.


If you have ever seen a lion gazing at his prey (I wish you don’t see it anyways) you will see concentration, it focuses very well, it avoids distractions my dear this life we seriously need to focus on what so ever we are doing to avoid distractions, focus gives us an upper hand because when we are focus we take notice of everything that happens and we see possible mistakes in the future and also prevent them from occurring.


The lions also work as a team if you have been following this animal lesson series you will discover that most of the animals uses team work a times that is to paint a picture in your mind that team work is important. When a pride/coalition is on the move the definitely catch their prey hardly their preys escape when they are together it gives them more courage. It gives them confident that is what a team does. But if you are in a team that is not helping you get to anywhere in life please cut of maybe you are mingling with the wrong set of people. If a lion moves with sheeps it will behave like a sheep and it full potential will be caged, so find you class of people and work with them.

I will leave you with these few lessons from the lion kindly drop another lesson/lessons you can think of from the lions.



A sleeping lion is still avoided and stayed far from.  Hmmmmmm permit me to talk about our Christian lives, we ought and should be hot for our God, flies don’t peach on hot things, a sleeping lion is still dangerous, the devil is a fly that goes to look warm and cool Christians if he sees you are hot he stays clear of you no demon dare to  go close to a Christian with hot flames because they know they will die trying, be hot for God.


I pray for you and me that our lives will not be a toy and resting place for the devil and his demons, 

May our life’s be burning and hot for Chris In Jesus Name Amen 

Have A  Blessed Day






February 25, 2017

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