The day we gave our lives to Christ we became a light to the unbelievers, a light to guide the world, a light that is meant to shine and over power every darkness around us because wherever there is light darkness can’t be found there too. The questions you should ask yourself now is 

are you shining? 

Is your life glorifying God?

the people around you are they seeing the light in you? 

can people say yes of a truth this person is a true Christian?

The light we became when we switch camp from darkness to light is a light that must glorify God, is a light that must not be hidden, if your light is not bringing glory to the father check yourself, don’t be shy or ashamed to live for Christ because he was not shy or ashamed when He Died for you and i on the cross, he is still not shy or ashamed to call you His child, be bold to call Him your father no matter where you find yourself. Remember what the scripture says if you are ashamed of me before men I also will be ashamed of you before My father.

Father may my light never become deem, rather may it shine brighter and brighter and constantly bring Glory to your Name 


Matthew 5:16 KJV

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