I was recently going through the book of Genesis and I came across Joseph Beautiful Story Again. I notice somethings that I will like us to consider.  Kindly follow me and provide answers to each Question.



  • He had dreams upon dreams. At his tender age God was reviewing things to him. That is to show that he was very close to God for God to review his wonderful future to Him. God is always close to those that are close to Him. Are you close to God or you think you are still too young to be close to God. You want to enjoy life first mind you Joseph was Seventeen(17) years old if am not mistaken, when he saw that his brothers were doing the wrong thing he didn’t say let me join them after all they are my brothers he told his father immediately. He was young yet had a passion for God, he had a close intimacy with God. 



1.Are you Close to God? 

2.Do You Have an Intimacy with God?



  •  From his father’s house down to the Kings palace he was always unique. He stood out he had an excellent spirit God made everybody he came across to find favour with him just because he reference God more than anything. Where ever he found himself he was noticed for Good things only, he had a reputation that was not questionable. 



What are you known For?



  •  Every bus Stop of his life or should i say any point he reached he shined the light of God there before moving on. The moment he entered Potiphar’s(Potifar’s) house he brought blessings to the whole household. At the prison the Bible recorded that whatever he did prospered. At Egypt He brought blessings and saved lives also. He was always shining the light of God. God’s light brings prosperity, blessings, fruitfulness, increase on every side, it brings light to a dark situation, His light Guides, always desire to carry the light of God everywhere you go.




Is God Light Shining Through You?




  • I love this one so much. You know despite the fact that his Master’s wife pressurised him very much, he didn’t compromise, he held on to the fear of God, he feared what God will do rather than what he will face or gain on earth, he knew he had a destiny, he also knew that once he give into just that single pleasure it will tarnish his destiny. He didn’t say let me just do it after all nobody is seeing me. I will just do it and that is all, finish nothing more nothing less, I will just take it that is all, I will just go to bed with that beautiful girl/handsome Boy finish, I will just bribe them nobody will know and so many other things we do in our present time saying nobody will know my dear God is up above seeing everything in 3D. And he will definitely punish every sinful action we display be it big or small why spoil your future when you can stand on your YES/NO and be free from the wrath of God. Let us go back to Joseph he knew he had a colourful Future So he Stood his ground, he refused, the request his master’s wife was given him was a sin coated with gold, he would have lived a big boys life if he had done it, yet His No was No. The Fear of the Lord gives rise to Integrity. 



1.Can you Stand firm even when the Sin is Coated with Gold?

2. Is Your Yes/No a  God Fearing one?


Now I know you will be wondering why his master jailed him even with the trust he had in him. You see if he had not done that Joseph would have remained a servant the rest of his life instead of a Prime Minister and his dreams would have gone down the drain. And also I believe it was God way of training him to become 100% fit for his destiny. Wherever you are now see it as a place of training, see it as a place of preparation to a glorious destiny.


God Help Us.










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