Have talked on this in so many ways but due to something i saw recently I decided to talk on it again. Few days back I was returning from somewhere and getting to the main gate I saw one of the security personnel reading his bible now this touched Mee because a lot of people who call themselves Christians find it very difficult to read the Bible, while some can’t read the Bible in the public, some will say I am too busy, now imagine what the world will be like if all Christians will not be ashamed or shy towards the Gospel. Some people when they are with their friends they dare not talk about the things of God  because they don’t want insults from their friends, then why mingle with such people if I may ask? the Bible said that if you deny Mee before the world I will deny you before my Father forget what they will say talk about your God. You will agree with Mee that the Bible has been forgotten by so many Christians. Imagine a Christian brother/ Sister  looking for where he/she kept his/her Bible on a Sunday morning that is to say it is only on Sundays that some Christians remember that they Have Bibles while if you check their last login to any social site it will either be few seconds ago or few minutes ago but last login to a Bible few weeks ago or even few months ago which ought not to be. Please and please I am a Christian is not by saying it oh,read you bible to go deeper, have an intimacy with your God and be bold about your God where ever you find yourself. May God Help us All.

Have A Blessed Day.




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