Being a Christian we need to have this vital attribute. What is integrity? “Being HONEST and having a STRONG MORAL PRINCIPLE.
But i define INTEGRITY as the ability to stand for what is right no matter the pressure or condition that is been place on us.
Honest to the core,our YES should be YES, like wise NO (NO). Not compromising to the conditions involve. Standing for what is right no matter the consequences. To Mee I think we have less leaders of INTEGRITY that is why this country is in this present state,away from politics.
INTEGRITY must be amongst the attributes of all Christians.
INTEGRITY has been and will always be opening doors for people, mind you the world is looking for people with INTEGRITY ,everybody is corrupt, everybody is corrupt that is not True there are still people of Integrity in Nigeria. MANY maybe corrupt, but there are still FEW with this great attribute. So the question is where do you Belong the MANY OR the FEW?
Think about this!!!!!!.

Have a blessed Day


June 21, 2016

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