Hmmmmmm the sentence “If I perish I perish” is something most Christians of this dispensation can’t do because they are not ready to take chances,they always have a plan B when it comes to the things of God. Their trust is more oh less in the human help they have been promised. But come to think of it why is it that if people like Bill Gate and even DANGOTA should promise You just $50,000 and GOD also promise you that same $50,000 the faith in Bill Gates and Dagotas promise will be more stronger than that of God. Most times we forget the story of the rich man in the Bible, everything on earth belongs to God. Nothing is impossible when it comes to God. Our confidence and trust should be on God not Men because men are limited Gid is Unlimited.

Think on this.

Where is your trust? 

God help Christianity.


June 30, 2016

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