What is procrastination well to me it is the common saying that we human beings like to say ” I WILL DO IT LATER” And most times that later doesn’t ever come.

  • I also gave it another definition too it is the act of delaying certain things that we ought to do now(immediately) for later. Saying it can wait a little.
  • Why do it later when we know fully well that we can do it right now. It is amazing how people think you know. They think time is always on their side they forget that time is always ticking and it is a non stop ticking till Christ return’s back or till they die. Do whatever you have to do right now, stop leaving things for later and start doing them now we need to put an end to procrastination in our life if we want to achieve greater things in life.
  • Ya laziness a lot of people are too lazy to do anything. A lazy person will never start any meaningful thing in his/her life. Have your every observe a hardworking person he/she is always on something, doing this or that always working out things. But a lazy person will rather go and sleep saying am resting for now I will do it when I have finished resting what nonsense, they are on a rest that never comes to an end 24/7 rest it is well.
  • As small as that word may look don’t underestimate what it can do to a lot of individuals. I am not and I will never be scared to venture into anything I set my mind to do why because I have a scripture that I use to encourage myself which is
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
                 Philippians 4:13 KJV
  • I often times go into things that  personally when i turn back I just say Chris Chris here you go again. You know fear just exert things into our heart that are not real. Hmmmmmm what can I say if you think you still need more elaboration on fear (click here) Have this in mind fear is not real it is just a mirage appearing real and you know that once you get close to it, it disappears because it is not real.
  • Ya mockers play another role in causing people to procrastinate. They bring down the zeal of others.
 I will divide this into two Categories
 1.There are those that mock others knowingly.
  • People in this category mocking others is their major attribute, it is their character, like a perfume they have on them. Once somebody tells them anything they strike that is what they are known for. Do you know that mockers are everywhere?

2.There are those that mock others unknowingly.

  • Imagine I am your friend and i walk up to you and tell you I want to build a skyscraper now you knowing me fully well and who I am you will laugh and make jest of my plan. Because you know me and what I have and some other things you will say am not serious and other comments will follow. Now you just brought something down in me unknowingly to you oftentimes we do this a lot without knowing it.
  • The thought of what people will say or think oftentimes stop people from starting what the have in mind they don’t want to be the talk of the town but I ask people who have this as their cause “Do you know if what they will say will be good?”.We don’t always have to get positive comments at all times. If you are always getting positive comments without a single bad comment at any time my dear please check yourself. If no body talks about you, nobody says anything about you my dear like a song writer wrote ” IF NO BODY TALKS ABOUT YOU, THEN YOU ARE NO BODY” EVEN IF IT IS THE TRUTH OR IS A LIE”

     So let them talk you just take correction if      it is a bad comment.

  • Lack of planning another contributor. Many people don’t plan their lives, anything goes for them. What ever anybody brings their way they follow and forget that they had already said they will do something, we procrastinate unknowingly to us a times.
  • I will give this a little percentage although people will say it is not a cause but I classify it to be one. If you check (Number 3) of the cause which is mockers from another perspective you will agree with me that if the mockers instead of mocking says something like try, just be focused, you can do it, it will really boost the zeal of the individual. Notwithstanding it has a very low percentage amongst other causes. Because a determined mind can achieve anything with or without motivation from others.
  • Wastage of Time.
  • Laziness.
  • Little or no achievement in life.
  • It kills other people’s dream.
  • It leads to poverty.
  • Do You want to get out of the Life of Procrastination then this may help you out.
  • Now Now Now   

     Yes now is the best opportunity and                  chance to do it.

  • Don’t wait for all you need to be on ground if not you will wait for ever start and others will fall into place.
  • Write out your plans it will help you a lot.
  • Self Motivation.
  • Discipline Yourself.
  • Pray To God For Help.
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Now is the best time not later, later maybe too later. Later may not produce the best result, later may not give you the maximum/full satisfaction or utility.
Do what ever comes to your mind the same minute it comes into consideration. The grave yard has consumed enough already Don’t make it richer anymore because we don’t know what the next second holds.
               Chris Supamee Elijah
November 2, 2016

  • Waows I must congest I have realy learn alot thank you sir I need to get out of my comfort zone and began doing grt things

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