How are you?.

This sentence is a very powerful sentence when said meaningfully, I don’t know if you are aware of that. A lot of people go through a lot each day and most times all the need is a simple How are you? For someone, it shows care, it shows someone is watching, it lifts a lot of thoughts from their hearts, sometimes they may respond while a times they wouldn’t but don’t stop asking them how are you. At a point they can choose to tell you what is weighing them down due to your simple how are you. Let us be our brothers and sisters keeper. The thought of but is he not seeing me why can’t he/she ask me how I am should be far from or hearts Because your shoe and their shoes are not the same everything is not as they seem to be, a the smile out side must times doesn’t reflect outward a lot of people know how to cover up pain and they will rather live with it not minding how long, but this same individuals will encourage you like everything is fine with them speaking out of experience I’m a little bit in this category except that I voice out when necessary. Most times I don’t blame them because the people of this world are very funny. There’re lots of ways to gain access into people’s lives and this is one of such. I won’t end this writeup without this information which is very vita if you which people to confide in you. Please note something if a person opens up to you at any point in time do well to keep it a secret yes if you want people to confide in you be a secret keeper. Having said that.

 Do me a favour if you can pend what you are doing fine if not when free send someone or some people an “HOW ARE YOU MESSAGE” God bless you.
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How Are You? 

I await your response…..

October 17, 2017

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