“IS IN YOU” so does the peak Motto Say’s,but have you taken a time out to ponder on that short but powerful sentence? God created every human being with a unique potential and it is inside of us,that is the treasure am talking about. If you don’t find it out you can’t use it,like Diamond is refined you must locate the treasure and then refine the treasure inside of you to stand out because the world has duplicate for almost everything right now. But the original is always the original and nothing can change that. Do not try to fit into anybody’s shoes you may have the same shoe size but it is not your shoe you will definitely struggle to wear that shoe. Just be yourself. I was once told that I should keep on doing what I know how to do that even if am been criticized, am not been appreciated  for what I do I should continue that One day people will come to terms with what I do and believe me, it is happening already. Be determined, be focus,be at the top of your game don’t let anybody intimidate you,you are stronger than you think you are, you are endowed with great abilities. You are pregnant with potentials and I pray that GOD will help you to locate your TREASURE…….


May 16, 2016

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