​The great commission is a command given to us Christians to do, no matter where we find ourselves we are meant to spread the Good news (Gospel) to the world, in our day to day life,in our conversation, through our lifestyle, through our gift and talents, what ever we find ourselves doing we are meant to spread the Good news(Gospel) across to the world, some people will say I am shy I can’t talk to people but talking is not the only means we can use, Our gifts/talents can also be used, find a way to make them useful to God, it was not given to us to use and enjoy life only but also to benefit the kingdom of God to increase the population of the kingdom. Try as much as possible to spread the Good news(Gospel) because there are still billions of souls to win and territories to conquer for God. May God Help Us.
Have A Blessed Day



August 10, 2016


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