​Mr A and Mr B were invited for a wedding ceremony they both live in the same resident, on the day of the wedding they both left their various houses at the same time got to the bus stop at the same time but unfortunately Mr A knew the exert location of the wedding while Mr B didn’t know and not knowing they were going to the same wedding Mr B dropped at the wrong place while Mr A continued with the bus and went straight way to the wedding. After Mr B has stopped at so many bus stops and lots of asking was done. He finally Got to the wedding ground and was surprise to see Mr A.

This can be related to our life’s, knowing where we are going to in life will remove some extra stress and much effort. It will prevent us from doing lots of try an error. Having a specific Goal(Goals) in life will make us to be more Focus. You cannot just leave the house without having anywhere in mind to go. People that live their lives without a Goal are people that find it difficult to also succeed in life, set you Goals and work towards it. A Goalless life is a Life Without Direction. May God Help Us.
Have A Blessed Day


August 9, 2016


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