Now going through Ecclesiastes 10:6–7. It makes Mee feel sad. How can a prince be walking on the ground while his servant riding on his horse, that is a taboo, an abomination. This makes Mee come to a conclusion that  Ignorance is a bad thing. And not knowing what we ought to know will not free us from the consequence and punishment if we default in that area. And also it makes me come to another conclusion that it is not by having a bright future, bright future without hardwork will definitely lead to a bad ending except God steps in. You know we being Christians we ought not to begg for anything because we have a God that can give us all things He said ask and it shall be given unto you, are you asking? and even if you are asking are you asking with faith or you asking with doubt in your mind. May God help US…



June 3, 2016

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