Learn From The GOATS & COWS
As useless as they are they leave landmarks where ever they go.

How is your question now I believe but keep calm have you ever walked pass a street where these two domestic animals have passed by? you must see a deposit, they must drop a faeces especially a herd of cows and their odour is perceived when every they are around. They don’t care who is looking at them they just do their thing Funny I guess a smile is on your face but moral lessons from them

  1. Always deposit something in the places you go don’t just go and leave, make an impact in the lives of people.
  2. Let people sense your presence when you are around, without you saying anything let your lifestyle speak loud for you.
  3. Don’t live your life to please people is only God that we should please, when we live to please people of this world we in turn cage our real self. And live a different lifestyle entirely.
  4. You may have a different opinion here but it is the truth anyways when ever these animals are corrected they take the correction despite the fact that most times they go back.  But what I want us to get here is that take correction, is only a person that loves you that will correct you.
  5. They feed while roaming about but when they go back and they are resting they regurgitated their foods to chew properly.  After a Day stress always go over your thoughts and actions you may not have gotten enough time to think straight or time to make certain decision so go over them again and chew them properly make sure you don’t sleep on an uncorrected mistake because it may cause hazards.
  6. Despite people call them stupid yet they still drink cow milk, give out a product that will make  your gossipers keep quite.

I hope I have covered all the lessons from these animals if you have an extra lesson I will also love to learn from you drop it in the comment box thanks
Have A Blessed Day



February 16, 2017

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