Today during our family devotion my junior brother who is 3+ was playing, my mum told him to stop but on the other hand my dad,had already raised his hand to hit him but he didn’t, he held back his hand. And this got my attention. Do you know we Christians we often times do things that makes God angry at us and He will just feel like hitting us,Punishing us or doing something to us that will make us sad but yet His mercy will come into action. Is amazing that no matter how deep a person gets into drinking,stealing,addicted to drugs etc God still shows mercy to such an individual. That is to tell us that Second chance is available for us all. And if God can give us second chance no matter our sins, then we too should do same to our fellow human beings. You are at that position right now but remember were you started from,
remember you too also have faults and if God should punish us at every mistake we make I don’t think we can stand it. Hmmmmmm Forgiveness Forgiveness Forgiveness..
God help us.


May 30, 2016

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