Hmmmmmmm Why do we go to church? This is a question that all Christians must answer. In order for us to know our stand in Christianity. Because I don’t see any reason why a human being,a so called Christian will leave a church because of a common human being. So many people go to church because of pastor this and pastor that!!! and brother this and sister that, Which ought not to be. People don’t understand what going to church is all about that is why when somebody should do something to them that they don’t like they will end up leaving the church now the church they are going to join,is it there that the will not see people that will annoy them people like this are brethren that have a foundation that is very weak or no foundation at all The house of God(THE CHURCH) Is a place of worship,an Holy environment, a place where we meet with our creator and not man, When going to church we should have this at the back of our mind that we are going to encounter God. We should always remember when we are going to church that we are going to meet with God and not man.The church is made of people but it is not own by the people,it is own by God. We are to go to church both in good and bad times,not only when things are convenient for us. May God help Christianity……..


May 12, 2016

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