So many Christians started well but along the line diverted or should I say went astray. I feel very sad and angry when I hear people saying “he was a strong believe”, “she was very dedicated to the things of God” “He was this”,”she was that”, it is so sad. But come to think of it,why do people back slide when God has started blessing them?, why is it that we can feel free to do the things of God any how with out been scared of the consequences or how God will feel?. We tend to forget who God is, His mercies is what is just keeping us but the bible says we should not tempt the Lord our God,we need to return back to God, to the first love we had for Him. We need to restore the relationship we had with Him. We need to rekindle the fire we had for Him when we became Christians, we need to rebuild the intimacy we had with Him. May God help us. IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!!






May 9, 2016

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