2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

You shouldn’t have this in you at all, God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. I will be using a very simple method to explain this word fear to you so you can break free from being afraid or scared to being Bold and Courageous.

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Fear is a mirage full stop nothing more nothing less, what is a mirage it is something that is not real appearing real from a distance. It appears real to make you distracted.


Lack of insecurity about our ability we sometimes forget what we are capable of doing while in some cases it is due to the lack of not know entirely our abilities and capabilities. You need to know who you are to kill the spirit of fear. We fear because we forget who our Father is.


Why we get afraid is that most times in life we get to the point that we see the mirage of failure or the picture of Fear base on our various endeavours standing ahead that is when the fear sack burst open and we tend to lose focus at that point.It appears so vividly directly at our face like it is very real now this is the tactic of the Devils he magnifies it at our face to hit us and make it get to our mind but not too worry there is a way out of it there is always a solution read on please.


Who else but that good for nothing, cast down, betrayer of God the Devil he uses it to way down Christians once the spirit of fear is set free in a believers life the devil set in full to continue in the process of bringing down the individual to the state of hopelessness he brings failure of the past, rejection,inferiority complex, he brings down your self esteem/confidence which is one of our strength, believers that have the spirit of fear are always been attacked by the devil so don’t potral it in you speak it out of you.


This is the question i know you would be asking. Here is the solution

For certain if the devil sees a christian progressing he will try by all means possible to break the progression but we can still hold our ground “We can still Hold Our Ground” we have the scriptures we have books and articles on fear we have to read them and most Importantly memories them especially the Bible memories it daily. Guide your mind, create a wall of defence so it doesn’t penetrate into your mind. When You see the Mirage of fear from a distance at first sight you should never show the attribute or sign of been scared. Do you know that it is just an image that the devil drops in your mind to test and see your reaction. So When you see the mirage yes the mirage (that is what i call fear) don’t be scare approach it with all confident you must have seen a mirage once or twice while travelling when you approach it you will find nothing there so is fear. When you use faith and scriptures to forge ahead and you eventually get there you will discover that there is nothing there so don’t be scared face it you will come out victorious. It is just there to slow you down. It is there to shake your faith but stand strong and put the devil to shame.


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October 25, 2016

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