FEARMy past post on fear I explained what, why, who brings fear and solution to fear you can click 👉👉(Fear).

Now in this post I want to tell or should I say explain something different, something new, something we do out of Ignorance just to get the approval of men when we should be seeking the approval of God instead knowing fully well that God is the one that gives Everybody on planet earth the privilege to be in power or Authority.

Listen no matter how powerful or wicked a person can be I want to let you know that no human being born of a woman should be feared yes nobody on earth should be feared because we are all equal in the sight of God. I agree that they may be in a higher authority or in a position that you are not but what the deserve is Respect not Fear. There is a different between Respect and Fear.  No matter how wicked or scary a person maybe or look like he/she can’t do more than what God Permits. God is a Supreme Being. He makes the dictates, He Takes the Shoot, The Bible says The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of wisdom, it didn’t say the fear of Men. When you fear the Lord He gives you the wisdom to handle worldly wickedness. Men can bark but if God Doesn’t give them the  Go ahead to bite they can’t bite.

We ought to Fear only One Being which is God.

So fear God not Men.


November 22, 2016

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