This is very serious,getting too familiar with God blocks people view(Spiritual eyes) from seeing what He(God) is doing in the person’s life. Now you maybe wondering what is Chris saying how do we get familiar with God.
For instance we get too familiar in sleeping and waking up, eating  drinking water and dropping cup we just take it as a normal thing you wake up in the morning go to work and come back go about your daily activities no scratch on your body you think it is normal and forget to acknowledge the God who makes it possible. Christians now get too familiar in reading the Bible they just want to read it because it is the right thing to do let me bring to your notice when you read the bible and after reading nothing strikes your heart please be careful,you are getting familiar with God’s word. “Only people that have become too familiar with God can Taking Gods things for granted” check yourself. May God help Christianity.


June 16, 2016

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