How are you today, hope you are doing great, I was just thinking and I stumbled upon a thought so I just gave it the Title “END OF THE ROAD”

This Article is not for everybody but for Someone ya for Someone out there that is down and confused of the next step to take, For someone who has really messed up and is now thinking what next to do, for that someone who is in a cross-road of life and right now is weighed down because he or she doesn’t know which direction to pick, for that someone out there asking the question

“What should I do next”  ?


I know you would be wondering why I said smile. You would be like in this kind of state I should smile , when I have no money in my pocket or even in my Bank account, when my Landlord and tax agents are here and there looking for me I should smile, my wife just had her fifth  miscarriage and you said I should smile, my teenage children have lost it completely and you said I should smile etc those  are but few complains we hear every blessed day. You know we humans we can go on and on complaining, we can expatiate and elaborate on a lot of things.

Why did I say smile?

The face of worry or the squeezed face of yours won’t do you any good rather it will cause more issues like depression, much thinking which can lead to more dangerous health challenges, wrinkled face etc. So is it not better to Smile?. Come to think of it you are way better than somebody out there, why don’t you smile knowing you could be in the grave yard lying dead but you are alive.Why don’t you smile knowing everything is working together for your good

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28KJV

Do you  know that a Happy mind is more open to solution to problems than a worried mind? Smile My Dear…  click Here


A very important point to also note. Retrace your steps back, you see often times we never can tell when or where the mistake generated from so you just have to calm yourself down and muse back into time. Ponder on every step you have taken don’t leave any stone unturned, from the exert point you have gotten to and the starting point I believe a critical review should tell you the next step to take too.


Another notable point. I also default sometimes in this but it is something that usually help a lot. People around you often times stand the chance to fish out some things you don’t even notice. In as much as you can’t see your back with you two eyes so you can’t note all your mistakes. You should have  some one or some people who will tell you the exert state of things without leaving a little  detail out.

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November 15, 2016

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