Encourage yourself yes encourage yourself when you need people to encourage you and you find nobody around just keep calm and encourage yourself because most times what you do isn’t showing forth or has not gotten the attention of the world so the tend to despise it nevertheless encourage yourself to the top don’t give up because of what you face rather let what you face be the Catalyst that will inspire you to do better and get to the top sooner than expected. A song writer wrote and I quote

➡”the pressure is all around,
but God is present help.
The enemy created walls,
but remember giants, they do fall;
speak over yourself,
encourage yourself in the Lord

I will recommend you listen to that song it will bless you it will boost your spirit . To download ➡click here
When you are all left alone just encourage yourself speak to Yourself be your inspiration and motivation don’t look down on yourself because the world is looking down on you see yourself the way you want people to see trust me when you encourage yourself into things it is difficult for the quitting mentality to set in but when you join the world to criticise you then you are at the risk of given up.  So from today do me a favour what ever situation you find yourself just encourage yourself Have A Great Day



January 26, 2017

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